A versatile artist focused on creating artistic expressions that represent an owner, business or community, while enhancing your vision in the built environment.


Anna Donahue is a well known artist and creative consultant based in West Michigan. With classical training and education in both art and interior design, Anna understands the role of art in the built environment. She sees art as a detail in your composition of a space that can pull together all the elements of a design to create an inviting environment that reflects the owner, company or surrounding community. She works with you to create custom solutions in line with your goals as well as the goals of the owner.


Working With Interior Designers

Creating Synergy In the Built Environment

Working together, I help transforms an owner’s creative ideas into tangible art solutions that complement a space, while reflecting those that live, work or use that space. Learn more about Commissioning Custom Art.


2016 ArtPrize Entry

“Everybody In Your Life”

I want to bring your life to ArtPrize this year through a workable piece that I will continue to work on during the event, adding in people, places and things that are important to our community.  Read more about Artprize.

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SPOTLIGHT: 2016 ArtPrize Entry

2016 ArtPrize Entry

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“The public square is the most vulnerable place for an artist to exhibit but it is also the most exciting. Working with my team to achieve the client’s goal is a challenge that I welcome and enjoy.”  – Anna Donahue

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