With an understanding that artwork is only one part of a design, I collaborate with interior designers, decorators and corporate art consultants to help elevate spaces through the integration of art with the design. Together we create CONTRAST, EMPHASIS, RHYTHM, SCALE and BALANCE into a space making it not only functional and aesthetically pleasing, but also welcoming and appealing. The elements of design come together to tell a story with style and personality, a reflection of those that live, work or use the space.

Art Integration

Artwork in a space can provide a greater impact when it’s integration is planned from the start of a project, whether you are seeking to use artwork as a focal point in a space or as a complementary element in your overall design. I often work with interior designers and decorators at the start of a design project to explore how art can be integrated into a project and what types of art would serve to best meets the goals of the owner as well as the design.

Art Concept Design

One of the most important components of creative design is matching the art in a space to the user of the space, whether this be a high end residential area or a corporate office. Beyond my artistic abilities, I enjoy and am adept at working with clients to transform their creative ideas into tangible works of art. I work with interior designers, decorators and art consultants in developing art programs for corporate and public places and can help develop a plan with function and design to fit the architecture or landscape of a space as well as to fit your vision.

Project Management

You face a large set of tasks in designing a space, but managing the creation and installation of custom artwork doesn’t need to be one of them. With education and experience in interior design, I understand the complexity of the design process and have extensive experience working with contractors on a jobsite. I know of the current codes and professional practices that need to be adhered to and can provide comprehensive project management for the art in your space from concept to installation, while staying on time and in budget.







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