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Anna Donahue Art announces sale of colorful ArtPrize 2016 mural, Everybody In Your Life

By Shane VanOosterhout @ MediaBeetle

October 5, 2016

Grand Rapids, MI

Local artist and Panera Bread muralist Anna Donahue announced today that she is selling her newest ArtPrize entry, Everybody In Your Life. The hand-painted, large-scale mural depicts a wide, colorful landscape filled with pictures of real people’s stories.

“The concept of Everybody In Your Life is to directly involve the viewers. I invite people to share with me something about their lives. What’s meaningful to them? What’s an important memory they have? During ArtPrize I listen to their suggestions and take notes. Then I add their ideas into the landscape as I paint a little bit more each day.”

The landscape shows gently rolling green hills woven together by bright blue water and a huge “tree of life” in the foreground, its long roots trailing into the earth. Smiling faces emerge from the leaves of the tree. There are people gathered at a picnic, a fisherman, a boater, and smiling families who have survived tragedy together. You also see animals and magical creatures, insects and flowers. There’s even a garden gnome. The colors are warm, comforting, and ultimately inspirational. Looking at Donahue’s mural on a chilly fall day will definitely warm you up inside.

“The impact of this painting has been very special to me. Visitors of ArtPrize have really responded to the mural. I hear everything from how much they miss their pet to a favorite sport to an incredible experience with surviving cancer. It all goes into my painting, which of course is why I titled it Everybody In Your Life, because we are all together in one big amazing story.”

Donahue’s goal is to sell her completed mural to a school or a church, which she considers an ideal location for this project. “I’ll be happy to see this painting in a public place where people gather to grow and learn. From the very beginning I’ve known that Everybody In Your Life will find a perfect home.”

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