“Public speaking is the best avenue to share my ideas about creativity and using artwork in design.”

– Anna Donahue

I have been fortunate to be able to turn my artistic skills into a lifelong career, but am just as passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience with others as I am about my art.

Throughout time, architecture has slowly been aligned with science when it once was aligned with art. Incorporating art into the built environment has many benefits, while also helping to connect the elements of a space together and make it feel complete. The synergy that results from working with interior designers and decorators from the start of a project helps elevate a space to the next level of design. Interested in learning more?

I offer several keynote speeches about integrating art into the design of a space, the process of creating custom artwork and the benefits of developing unique solutions that reflect the goals, style and personality of the space and owner or users of that space.

I am a current Toastmasters board member of Lunch Bunch Toastmasters Group in Grand Rapids, MI, regularly host Lunch ‘n Learn Sessions and put on a Workshop Series for other aspiring artists.




Keynote Speeches

I frequently work with interior designers and decorators, collaborating to transform a client’s goals into tangible works of art that enhance the overall design of a space. My keynote speeches focus on the process of working together, the benefits of art in the built environment, and how art can be used to reflect personality and branding. I can also customize my keynote speech for your specific audience or event. Contact me with your needs.

Some of my Keynote Speech Topics:
  • How to Include Your Client’s Branding Into Your Design
  • Create a Bridge Between Your Concepts and Your Client’s Mindset
  • Uncover the Key Traits of Your Client and What Motivates Them Artistically

Artist Workshops

Artist Entrepreneurs: How to make a living as an artist

This group meets once or twice per month at a different artist studio or art gallery in the greater Grand Rapids area. The objective of these informal meetings is to share professional artist information and for other artist entrepreneurs to learn the ropes of promoting and selling their artwork.

Click here for more information and to join our Meetup group.

Lunch ‘n Learn Sessions

My Lunch ‘n Learn Sessions are presented in a conversational-style to promote active discussion, typically among smaller groups. Key topics focus on methods of infusing artwork into an interior design program to reflect branding as well as architectural design.

Subject 1: Integrating branding into the design plan through artwork

Reviewing public art projects and how they are influencing environments, we will discuss the process of understanding a client’s brand and how artwork can be used in the design of a space to enforce that brand.

What you will take away:

  1. How to use your creative ideas to influence others
  2. How to tap the branding identity of your client
Subject 2: Artwork is a key detail in architectural design

Though important and frequently used as a focal point, striking artwork is only one element in the overall design program of the built environment. It’s important to look at how all elements of a space need to work together in architectural design.

What you will take away:

  1. How to include your creative concepts in the design program
  2. How to work with the architect and integrate design concepts
Subject 3: Creativity is needed in the workplace

Artwork is not the only way to express creativity. Each individual has creative gifts and can use them to benefit the workplace. We will discuss examples of how creativity impacts workplace environments and can add to higher employee satisfaction and productivity.

What you will take away:

  1. Find roadblocks to creativity
  2. Learn what kind of creativity you possess and how to express it.
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